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Carolina Duct Fabrication is committed to supplying quality rectangular duct and fittings to the HVAC industry. Our state of the art, automated duct forming line produces insulated or non-insulated TDC and Slip & Drive duct. We offer TDC and Slip & Drive in G-90 LFQ from 24 to 18 gauge and Stainless 304 from 24 to 20 gauge. Additionally welded grease duct can be produced in 16 gauge.

The speed and quality of the automated duct forming line is one of our greatest assets. Our duct form line can produce:

  • Wraparound
  • L section
  • Four piece
  • U
  • Grease
  • Duct blanks

at speeds from four to six parts per minute, perfectly square, in exact lengths.

We use the highest quality coil stock in the production of duct sections and fittings. Our process ensures quality at a reasonable price and service to back the product. We deliver on time, on demand with no compromise.

Reduce field labor because your entire job fits from start to finish.

Our process insures field connections will proceed smoothly and effortlessly. If your project requires duct cleaning and wrapping for the pharmaceutical or other high tech industry this service can be implemented as required.

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Reduce field labor because your entire job fits from start to finish.
Automated Plasma Processing for
Non-standard Duct Fittings